Safety Shield with Fisherman Hat, Anti Drool Saliva, Anti Splash/Dust/Air/Wind Facial Cover for Men and Women


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Safety Shield with Fisherman Hat, You See What You Get, Anti Drool Saliva, Anti Splash / Dust / Air / Wind Facial Cover for Men and Women

Safety Shield with Fisherman Hat: 

It can protect the head, eyes, mouth, and nasal cavity from multiple aspects of safety protection. 

Wearing it can reduce saliva splash, dust, pollen, etc. 

You do n’t need to worry about the danger of being exposed to germs when you wear it.

Multiple occasions: 

Our Safety Shield can help you go out easily and away from droplets and wind. 

You can safely go out to buy food, go to work, supermarkets, take transportation, etc. 

Tips for use: 

Please go out and wear our Safety Shield after use. 

To disinfect the transparent Shield, you can use disinfectant or alcohol to wipe and disinfect. 

Our transparent Face Shield can be reused. 

Please be assured of long-term use.

Full coverage: 

High-definition transparent Shield, can ensure your vision is clear, good transparency, safe and comfortable


Safety shield hat is made of high quality cotton and PVC material, transparent bezel design, wide view.An effectively prevent liquid spray from the front and sides, adult models, 60-64 cm/23.6-25 inch.

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